1. The purchase order that the Customer submits to us shall be complete with the Customer’s tax information, as well as with details on the product number and quantity requested. The order shall be dated and shall bear the Customer’s stamp and signature at the bottom of the page. Included in the order there shall also be the Customer’s operating hours, schedules for delivery and delivery locations, if different from the information associated with the Customer’s registered office.
  2. Purchase orders shall be submitted by e-mail ( or by fax (+39 0444 737040).
  3. Unless otherwise stated, the transport of goods occurs at the risk and peril of the Customer.
  4. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and shall include excise duties. Shipping costs charged to the Customer shall be calculated on the basis of distance and weight/volume.
  5. Claims and returns shall not be accepted, unless authorized, 15 days following the receipt of the goods. Furthermore, returns that are without original packaging shall not be accepted.
  6. All purchase orders are to be understood subject to acceptance by the Brunello Brothers Distillery, which reserves the right to accept the order within 8 days of receipt of the same. In case of non-formal acceptance after this deadline, the order shall be understood as accepted. From time to time, the Brunello Brothers Distillery shall inform the Customer about the minimum purchase order requirements.
  7. In the event of late payment, the Customer shall be charged default interest of 3 points over the current official discount rate.
  8. Payments shall only be made directly to us at our permanent address. We shall not acknowledge payments made to third parties, unless authorized by us in writing. Unless otherwise formally agreed upon, the Customer shall pay the value of the order in full prior to the agreed date of shipment. In the event that the Customer delays for more than 15 days to pay the balance after the delivery date agreed upon and/or otherwise fails to collect the ordered goods within 15 days of our communication of order processed, the Brunello Brothers Distillery may request a warehouse management contribution in the amount of EUR 50,00 (VAT not included) per day, until the goods have been successfully delivered. Any request to make changes to the purchase order after the same has already been accepted shall not be granted.
  9. For any controversy, the only competent court shall be the one in Vicenza, Italy.


You hereby specifically approve the clauses referred to in points 3,4,5,6,7 & 9.

Promptly inform us of any error or omission relating to your personal and/or financial information. Unless we are otherwise notified, it will be assumed that the information reported here is valid and we shall be free of any liability or sanction.

You hereby authorize the processing of your information, pursuant to Section 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003.

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