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The fifth Brunello generation

Although it’s still too early for a generational shift at the Brunello Distillery, Angela, Enrico, Matteo and Riccardo had the opportunity to contribute to their family business with a young and cool idea. BHappy, a 12% light aperitif, was the brainchild of the Fifth Generation of the Brunello family, produced under the supervision of Uncle Stefano.

Be happy

The fifth generation – Angela, Enrico, Matteo and Riccardo – are growing and taking their first steps into the professional world and in other specific trades.

They’ve already left a mark in the history of the Distillery: in 2014, they introduced the Bhappy Aperitif the brainchild of Angela, Enrico, Matteo and Riccardo.

Under the supervision of uncle Stefano, the new generation added a new way to drink in “Brunello Style”. It is a light aperitif (12%) featuring unique hints of orange, vanilla and strawberry, with a surprisingly balanced flavor. This product embodies the power of tradition and craftsmanship, meeting the demand of a young and demanding market in terms of quality and authenticity.

Before the younger generation becomes more involved in the work at the family-run distillery, it is important that they have different experiences both in Italy and abroad, learning about diversity and gaining knowledge.