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Ancient fragrance, modern taste

Founded in 1840, today the business is managed by the fourth generation of the family, represented by Giovanni, Paolo, and Stefano Brunello. The fifth generation (Matteo, Enrico, Riccardo and Angela), for the moment, have their eyes focused on the books, except to occasionally raise them to attentively observe the work on the still. Their turn will come some day.

In the Brunello family, to adhere to one’s word is the first value, before all else.This means remembering one’s own origins, and love for a tradition whose preservation is entrusted to the distillery: the precious and enchanting art of distillation. This also means paying attention to the environment and to nature, grasping the importance of every single ecological component.

The concept of respect and the dedication to work are what breathes life into the Brunello Distillery. When passing through the doorway, more than entering a business, it feels like one is being welcomed into a family. The Brunello Family.

Giovanni, Paolo and Stefano love to share this description which someone made of their grappa: “Ancient fragrance, modern taste”. A fragrance that evokes the original term used to refer to the grappa: Aqua Vitæ, Water of Life.