Origini montalcino

This Young Mono-Varietal Grappa, made from premium Brunello di Montalcino pomace (Tuscany), has great personality.

It is distilled according to a traditional method and its intense scent carries mineral and fruity notes. It is soft and round to the palate.

It pairs very well with mincemeat pies or with dried fruits and nuts.

42 Alc – 500 ml hand-numbered boxed bottle with the indication of the vintage year.


Young Mono-Varietal Grappa


This grappa is made from the pomace of the Sangiovese grape variety, which is the same used to produce the renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine (DOCG labelled, i.e. controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) in the Tenuta Caparzo and Borgo Scopeto estates (Tuscany).

Traditional method distillery

FRATELLI BRUNELLO’s distillery, has used since the beginning a few discontinuous stills that are still in operation. It provides low-pressure direct steam at low temperatures. It consists of 4 copper heating boilers, just like the traditional system.

The distillation cycle is very slow and involves the processing of small batches of pomace. Each distillation cycle lasts one hour to one hour and a half.


This mono-varietal grappa is stored inside inert stainless steels containers for a period of two to three years. During this time, the taste rounds up and the characteristics of this very special product are enhanced.


Clear and bright in the glass, this grappa yields an intense flavor, with mineral and fruity tones to it. Soft and round to the palate, it will leave light notes of red berries, cocoa, carob and nuts in the mouth. This grappa has strong personality, it is dry and clean, and offers the typical elegance of the great Brunello di Montalcino wine.

Serving and pairing

It should be served between 10° and 15° C in a small tulip-shaped glass. This genuine grappa is excellent when paired with mincemeat pies or with dried fruits.

Alcohol content and packaging

42 Alc. – 500 ml hand-numbered boxed bottle with the indication of the vintage year.