Classici moscato

This Young Aromatic Grappa is obtained from the distillation of carefully selected Moscato pomaces from the Euganean Hills (Veneto).

It is distilled according to a traditional method and it delivers a fresh and fruity bouquet, reminiscent of the quintessential Moscato grapes.

Excellent when poured over strawberries & ice cream or as an accompaniment to any fruit-based ice cream.40 Alc – 700 ml boxed bottle.


Young Aromatic Grappa


This grappa is obtained from the expert distillation of Moscato pomace originating from the Euganean Hills (Veneto region). The carefully selected pomace is stored in a cellar, so to promote fermentation in a closed and clean environment.

Traditional method distillery

FRATELLI BRUNELLO’s distillery, has used since the beginning a few discontinuous stills that are still in operation. It provides low-pressure direct steam at low temperatures. It consists of 4 copper heating boilers, just like the traditional system. The distillation cycle is very slow and involves the processing of small batches of pomace. Each distillation cycle lasts one hour to one hour and a half.


After distillation, the grappa is stored in inert stainless steel tanks for at least two years. During this time, the taste rounds out and the grappa’s aromatic characteristics develop.


This grappa’s fresh and fruity bouquet is reminiscent of the quintessential Moscato grapes. When tasted, it is straightforward, balanced and soft, just like an aromatic Moscato grappa should be.

Serving and pairing

It should be served between 10° and 12° C in a small tulip-shaped glass. It pairs very well with strawberries & ice cream or with fruit-based ice cream.

Alcohol content and packaging

40 Alc. – 700 ml boxed bottle.