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Books and Grappa:

a tradition handed down with words...

The Brunello family has always been aware of the importance of spreading the culture of Grappa through writing.

In 1990, Italian author Mario Rigoni Stern dedicated his never-before-published story “Due Storie quasi una allegoria” (Two Stories, Almost an Allegory) to our family business.

This was followed by the noir titled “La Testa e la Coda” (The Head and the Tail), specially written by Enrico Pandiani in 2012. And, finally, the latest literary contest called “Distillati di Parole”, or Word Spirits

2016 – Literary contest “Distillati di Parole”

The first edition of the literary contest “Distillati di Parole” was organized by Passione Grappa and by the Brunello Distillery

The 2016 theme is “Lo Spirito del Tempo” (The Spirit of Time), a topic that retains a deep meaning and that relates to both Grappa and Time. This theme emphasizes the century-old tradition of our family-run distillery. 

For further information, go to “Distillati di parole”.

2012 – Enrico Pandiani: La Testa e la Coda (The Head and the Tail)

In 2012, we Brunello Brothers, as spokespeople for the mastery of stills and expert aging techniques, became patrons of and promoted a real literary endeavor in the name of grappa.

This opportunity included renowned crime writer Enrico Pandiani, who put together a detective story entitled “La testa e la coda” (The Head and the Tail). It is a classic crime story with a well-known lawyer who gets murdered, Inspector Bosdaves of the flying squad who investigates and contradictory clues that lead to diverging paths.

The investigation is complex, but it seems to revolve around an old distillery: among twists, false leads and reluctant witnesses, the investigation leads Inspector Bosdaves and the readers to an unexpected ending.

But “La testa e la coda” is more than a thrilling detective story.

It is also a journey through the flavors of the Veneto region. It isn’t by chance that, at the end of the novel, the reader will find the recipes of some traditional Venetian dishes and that of a grappa-based cocktail. It is probably by drinking this cocktail that Inspector Bosdaves finds the inspiration to solve the case. Just the right flavors to accompany the reading of the book.

1990 – Mario Rigoni Stern: Due Storie quasi una allegoria (Two Stories, Almost an Allegory)

In 1990, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Brunello Brothers Distillery, Vicenza-born writer Mario Rigoni Stern dedicated a new story to our business.

It is titled “Due storie quasi una allegoria” (Two Stories, Almost an Allegory) and is set on the Asiago Plateau at the time of the Great War, when a bottle of Grappa was one of the few comforts that the soldiers could count on during cold days in the trenches.

Rigoni Stern’s writing confirms the simplicity and poetry that characterizes his style; words related to the experience of war and love for the simple things in his own region, in line with the philosophy of the Brunello Distillery.