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How to love grappa

Grappa brings you into a world full of exciting aromas and flavors that trigger extraordinary sensations to those who know how to appreciate and understand them in their deepest essence.

The tasting of grappa requires some simple attentions, so to fully appreciate every single nuance.

The glass that the grappa is served in is an essential element, as it will help to perceive the grappa’s fragrances. It must be thin and shaped like an open tulip at the mouth.

The initial visual examination will help to appreciate the clarity and purity of the grappa. The liquid should be free of suspensions: it should be perfectly clear and brilliant.

Most important is the olfactory phase. With a little patience, you can easily learn to recognize and appreciate the fineness and quantity of the fragrances in grappa.

For careful olfactory analysis, it is extremely important to find the right distance at which to bring the glass to your nose, so to properly capture the scents. Then take short but frequent whiffs, so to gradually perceive new sensations.

The gustatory phase is the magical moment. Grappa should be savored in small sips and, once in your mouth, you will be able to appreciate its harmony and balance.

The aftertaste phase is certainly the most intriguing and complex, but it leads to great satisfaction: knowing how to seize finesse, fragrance and persistence are some of the most rewarding aspects of grappa tasting.



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