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Italian broadcasting company Rai presents “Di padre in figlia” (From Father to Daughter) featuring scenes from the Brunello Distillery

In 2015, scenes from the TV series “Di Padre in Figlia” were filmed at the Brunello Brothers Distillery.

The show will air in the fall of 2016 on channel RaiUno. It is the story of a patriarch who owns a grappa distillery and counts solely on his son to carry on the business, but later discovers that he is unsuitable for the job…

In September of 2015, RaiUno began shooting the scenes of its upcoming television fictional show “Di Padre in Figlia” (From Father to Daughter).

This prime-time show, which will air in the fall of 2016, marks the television debut of screenwriter Cristina Comencini. She will tell of the change in the status of women over a 40-year period, from the fifties to the eighties.

The story revolves around a family of grappa producers. The patriarch solely counts on his son to carry on the business, but will later discover that he is not at all suitable for the job. On the other hand, his three daughters will prove to be up to the task and will end up taking charge of the family business.

The shootings, which started in Bassano del Grappa, also included the town of Montegalda because some of the scenes were shot at the Brunello Distillery.

We are very proud to have been included in this production, because our distillery was born thanks to a woman, Maria Teresa Marzari , and for this we all feel a special connection with the story”, tell the Brunello Brothers.


For this special occasion, an antique direct-heat boiler system that is no longer used was put back into operation.

This event temporary halted the production of grappa during filming, but it did not phase the Brunello Brothers: after all, they are backed by only 176 years of experience!