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Grappa Lines

Three new Grappa lines

The new Brunello’s concept draws lifeblood from these 5 Ts: Time, Territory, Tradition, Traits and Talent.

These values have given birth to three new lines of Grappa:


LE ORIGINI, the origins

The ORIGINI line features varieties of grappa and grape distillate that represent our HISTORY as an artisan distillery since 1840 and the EXCELLENCE of the grapes that give rise to the premium spirits.

Linea Le origini

I CLASSICI, the classics

The CLASSICI line features varieties of grappa that pay homage to the TRADITION of the ancient art of distillation and to the strong bond that we Brunello brothers have with our REGION.

I TALENTI, the talents

The TALENTI line features varieties of grappa that represent our INTEGRITY and the KNOW-HOW of our family-run distillery. These characteristics have stood the test of time, generation after generation.