The PRESTIGIOSE Line was created to commemorate the most special moments in the history of the BRUNELLO Brothers distillery.
These varieties of grappa are made from carefully selected batches of red grape pomace and are sold in the finest packaging.


To create this wonderful grappa, we selected the best red grape pomaces originating from the Veneto region. The product is packed in small sealed containers in the cellar, ready to be sent over to the distillation room.
We use a discontinuous still consisting of copper heating boilers that provide low-pressure direct steam.
The grappa thus obtained is then transferred to wooden barrels, where it ages in our government-sealed warehouse.

Visually, this grappa sports intense golden highlights. With a rich and persistent aroma, it fully captures the characteristics of an artisan grappa and, at the same time, carries unique spicy notes for having been aged in wood for such a long time.

It is warm and envelops the palate, with a full-bodied, yet not overbearing character.
Even the sensations of taste follow each other with a pleasant progression, broadly ranging from fruity to spicy.

Harmonious, warm, never brash or edgy, with the right blend of original and aging flavors.

Wonderful when paired with a fine cigar, Mèmora also pairs well with dark chocolate. Intriguingly interesting when paired with aged cheese.

Alcohol content: 41% vol.
Packaging: 700ml hand-numbered bottle, contained in a wooden box, individually wrapped in a cardboard box.
Carton: 2 boxed bottles.
Production limited to 2,380 bottles.


A memorable grappa to celebrate 175 years of Brunello’s history.
This is an artisan Grappa Reserve created to commemorate the 175-year history of the Brunellos, who have been distilling their own grappa for four generations with unwavering passion.

Classification: grappa aged for five years in Allier oak barrels
Ingredients: premium fresh red grape pomaces, 2007-2008 wine year
Origin of pomace: Berico Hills, Vicenza, Veneto region, Italy

Distillation process: Discontinuous still
We use a traditional method featuring a copper still with four heating boilers that provide low-pressure direct steam at low temperatures.
The distillation cycle is very slow and involves the processing of small batches of grapes (almost 900 kilos of pomace per batch). Each distillation cycle lasts about an hour and a half.

Maturation and aging
We select small batches that have been previously stored in inert tanks for 24 months. This is lot no. 6 and it was aged inside 300-liter Allier oak barrels for five years.

Organoleptic description
Its golden color makes it rather attractive and appealing. Its seductive fragrances awaken the nose with the intense and spicy notes typical of Great Reserves.
It is soft to the palate, with a vanilla finish and hints of cinnamon, licorice and tobacco. It is warm and enveloping, with a long finish. The aromas of good wood and toasting make it fragrant and complex.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Carton: 700ml bottle
Serving: in tulip-shaped or in wide-mouth glasses, at a temperature of 18-20° C to enhance its poignant fragrance

The slow aging in barrels makes this grappa suitable for special occasions. This would make a wonderful gift idea not only for connoisseurs.
Aged cheeses. 70% or more dark chocolate. Italian cigar, such as a Toscano – Original, Classic or even the more mature Extra Vecchio


There are many different ways to promote a business. A company with a century-old tradition has more to offer than just its excellent products. Culture is one of the gifts we at the Brunello Brothers Distillery in Montegalda offer to those who enjoy premium spirits.
As distillers since 1840, we wished to speak of our craft, consisting of stills and expert aging. We chose to do so by promoting the detective novel titled “La testa e la coda” (The Head and the Tail), written by the well-known crime writer Enrico Pandiani.
We paired the book with a special grappa: our La Scura 30 Reserve. Aged for thirty months, this superb harmonious distillate is a pleasure to slowly sip on while reading a novel. Included in the package is the official tasting glass by ANAG, the Italian Association of Grappa and Brandy Tasters.

What a great gift idea for anyone who loves to relax with a good giallo and a premium distillate to sip on while reading.

Using a discontinuous still, we process pomaces of the Cabernet, Merlot, Barbera and Tai Rosso varieties to make grappa that is then aged for 30 months in oak barrels, so to finally be sold as a Reserve distillate.

It is because of this long aging process in wood that the grappa takes on a soft flavor, a straw-yellow color and a sweet aftertaste with a vanilla finish. These are all organoleptic characteristics of a superb Grappa Reserve.

As you smell this grappa, you will pick up distinctive hints of wood, cinnamon and licorice.

We recommend sipping it from a tulip-shaped glass, like the one created by ANAG, at a serving temperature of 15-18° C. It pairs very well with a good Tuscan cigar or a piece of dark chocolate.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Packaging: 350ml bottle, contained in a wooden box along with a grappa glass by ANAG and a copy of the book “La testa e la coda” (The Head and the Tail, in Italian).