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Present: Giovanni, Paolo e Stefano Brunello

The fourth generation

Running the distillery today are Giovanni, Paolo and Stefano Brunello. In the early 1980s, they refined the distillation process by bringing innovation to their range of products: from mono-varietal grappa to the recovery of indigenous grape varieties and the distillation of grapes.

Founded in 1840, the distillery of the Brunello brothers is now run by the fourth generation of the family, namely Giovanni and Paolo (sons of Giandomenico), and Stefano Brunello (son of Antonio).

When they began working in the 1980s, they soon learned that the customers’ tastes in grappa were changing: people wanted softer and more sophisticated spirits.

Administrative Area

So the Brunello brothers refined the distillation process and brought innovation to their range of products by introducing new lines, such as the mono-varietal grappa. They also began distilling pressed grapes to make distillates.
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Inebriated by these innovations, the Brunello brothers continued to be well grounded and well aware that change should be made whilst respecting tradition.

As proof of this, when it came time to replace the equipment in the distillery in 1984, Giovanni, Paolo and Stefano chose an old discontinuous still with heating boilers, which had been left behind by a distillery that moved on to industrial-size production. Later, the still was upgraded, so to provide low-pressure direct steam at low temperatures. Since then, that same still continues to distill, year after year, yielding ancient fragrance with a modern taste.

Sales Department

Technical Manager

Today, the Brunello brothers have clearly defined roles in their company.

Giovanni is responsible for the Administrative Area, taking care of the relationships with suppliers.

Paolo heads the Sales Department, interacting with B2B clients and consumers. Stefano is the technical manager at the Distillery: thanks to his expertise, the distillation system delivers uninterrupted quality.