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25+ years of awards and recognition

Over the decades, the excellence of the Brunello Brothers spirits has been acknowledged by an increasing number of prizes and awards at the national and international levels

Industrial Agricultural Exhibition of Pontevigodarzere 1910

Certificate of Golden Silver Medal to Maria Marzari.

Executive President of Committee Ed. Ottavi.

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

We at the Brunello family are especially proud of our latest award: the Gold Medal for our Grappa Moscato Fior D’Arancio Docg at the 2015 international competition “Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” that was held in Guiyang, China.

This was not just an ordinary event – commented the Brunello Brothers – but a twenty-year-old event where 1,400 spirits from 44 countries were presented and then evaluated by over 80 professional tasters representing 23 different nationalities”.

Considering that our country earned “only” eight gold medals, this was a great achievement for the oldest artisan distillery in Italy.

International Competition “Acquaviti d’Oro” (Gold Distillates)

Silver Medal – Grape distillate “Uva e Uva” (2010)

Bronze Medal – Grappa di Moscato (2008)

Bronze Medal – Grappa di Nero d’Avola (2007

Silver Medal – Grappa Fior d’Arancio (2007)

Gold Medal – Grappa di Zibibbo di Pantelleria (2006)

Italian Competition “Alambicco d’Oro”

Over the last decades, the competition that is curated and organized by ANAG the Italian Association of Grappa and Brandy Tasters rewarded our company with 9 gold medals:

Grappa di Spergola (2007)

Grappa Invecchiata (2005)

Grappa Fresca (2004)

Distillato di Uva & Uva (2004)

Grappa di Moscato Fior d’Arancio (1998)

Grappa di Moscato Fior d’Arancio (1996)

Grappa di Cruajo (1993)

Grappa di Cabernet Franc (1990)

Grappa di Cruajo Premio (1990)

Competition “Alambicco del Garda”

We were also very successful at the Alambicco del Garda.

The following products of ours were recognized as grappas of excellence:

Grappa di Moscato (2006)

Grappa di Enantio (2005)

Our distillery won the ‘Grappa Ottima’ award four times:

Grappa Bianca (2001)

Grappa Vicentina (2001)

Grappa Fresca (2001)

Grappa Invecchiata (2000)

Our grape distillate “Uva & Uva” was awarded first place in the Acqueviti category (2002), while our Grappa di Moscato Fior d’Arancio was crowned best aromatic grappa in 2000.


International Competition ‘DiwineTaste’

In 2005, DiwineTaste awarded 5 Diamonds to our Grappa di Enantio and to our Grappa di Amarone

Competition “Nike d’Oro”

At the Wine and Grappa Expo held in Vittorio Veneto, we received the Nike d’Oro award for our Grappa di Moscato Fior d’Arancio (2006) and for our Grappa Invecchiata (2005).