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The vision

The future of business in times of change

In 2016, the Brunello brothers are further innovating their business. They want their distillery to be in line with current trends, in terms of tastes, consumptions and drinking styles.

Introducing the new image of the Brunello grappa are three novel lines: Origini, Classici and Talenti. These products reflect where the Brunellos want to position their distillates today.

With their feet firmly grounded in tradition and eyes on the future, the fourth generation of the Brunello family has undertaken a research project to preserve the heritage of the indigenous grapes, rediscovering their original fragrances and flavors, upholding the true “spirit of the region“.

Today, the Brunello brothers feel the need to contribute to innovation at their distillery, whose strength lies in the over 175 years of history.

In recent years, aware of changes in tastes, consumptions and drinking styles, they felt it necessary to review not only the image of the Brunello Grappa, but also their product lines by giving them a more precise connotation in an increasingly complex market.

The Brunellos’ goal is to streamline the variety of the distillates that have been available so far, thus facilitating the customer’s choice in terms of taste and occasion.

Vinitaly 2016 was the best opportunity to introduce the three new product lines to the international public. 

These products represent the distinctive values of the Distillery and complement the already successful Bhappy Aperitif, which was followed by BHappy Bitter in 2016.